Background :

Youth 4 Change Global is a registered non profit organization (NPO) that were established during 2017 to render predominately family focused and youth development programs within the West Coast Region.

Since domestic violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, early school dropouts and gangster  shooting violence is increasing on a daily basis and families are greatly affected in the process. We develop the urge to combat this social phenomenon’s incolobaration with Local Government, State Departments & Private Sector as a collective strategy.

Youth 4 Change Global works to change beliefs, attitudes, values and actions which promote destructive behavior as a result to contribute to stable and healthy families. .

To act as a consultancy which specializing in early intervention and aftercare services substance dependents and the affected.  We want to embrace the client spiritual, mental and physical development, through highly qualified staff in different fields to skill them in attaining a balanced and productive future.

Optimization, consolidation, internalization of knowledge and insight development through life skills that will enhance people’s quality of living. 

 To challenge lives through “HOPE”

  • Higher Power
  • Open to Change
  • Power to Change
  • Expecting to Change

 Unconditional acceptance/individualization           –   Integrity

Team work (including the client)                      –   Creating HOPE

Promoting self-efficiency                                   –   Open communication

Promoting self-actualization (    choice)          –   Empathy

Accountability of team members                      –   Striving towards excellence


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